E-Series 120V Tank Water Heater Interior Version


Either stand-alone or supplimental! As a stand-alone solution, when plugged into 120VAC/15 amp service, E-series water heaters provide 7 gallons of water at 135°F with a compact footprint. The fully electric, flameless heating method does not require venting or surround clearances. The ECN model can be internally installed without the need for a sidewall cutout. Alternately, the EC model can be installed with a sidewall cutout and exterior door for easy access. As a supplement to a Suburban ST or Advantage tankless system, propane is conserved when electrical hook up is available. When power is available, 135°F water is provided from the tank system. Should water demands exceed the 7 gallon capacity, the tankless unit will automatically engage to keep the hot water flowing seamlessly.


  • Compact - less than 2 cubic feet
  • Emission Free - fully electric heating
  • Porcelain-Lined Glass Tank - Long lasting and easy to maintain
  • Great for Campground Use - save on propane using shore power
  • Fully Insulated - Saves energy, stays hot


Energy Source120V AC
Output Water Temperature — Factory Setting135F
Internal Water Storage Capacity7
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty

Water Heating


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