Leading the RV Industry with High-Quality Furnaces, Innovative Water Heaters and First-Class Kitchen/Galley Appliances

Find the latest style trends and state-of-the-art features in Suburban’s elite line of RV furnaces, wall and water heaters and indoor and outdoor cooking appliances. Bring the comfort of home on the road for RV experiences undaunted by cold water, cold weather, or confined cooking spaces. At Suburban we challenge our engineers to design RV components with our customers in mind for products that truly elevate the RV experience. Since 1947, Suburban has been delivering cutting edge products for the ever-growing diversity of RV lifestyles. Today, find the best of 75 years of product development among the lines of RV climate control, water heating, and cooking components manufactured by Suburban, located in Dayton, Tennessee.

Why Choose Suburban?

  • Superior interior heating with low noise performance in a variety of furnace and wall heater models for mobile or stationary vehicles and trailers
  • A wide selection of tank and tankless RV water heaters including the only replacement for 6-gallon Atwood/Dometic water heaters still on the market
  • High-end appliances for the RV gourmet with unparalleled features including residential size ranges, induction cooktops and outdoor kitchens
  • 75 years of expertise and experience in the RV industry behind every product
  • Warranty back products with some of the best warranties in the RV industry
  • First rate customer service unmatched by competitors