NT and Park Model Furnaces

Exceptional dependability and high-capacity heating are what RVers can expect from Suburban’s NT and Park model furnaces (for moving or fixed-location recreational vehicles respectively). These incredible furnaces are shining examples of how powerful a compacted ducted furnace can be when it is backed by Suburban’s 70 plus years of industry knowledge, product innovation, and on-going customer support. Rest assured those colder temperatures will be more enjoyable with Suburban’s line of NT and Park Model Furnaces working hard to keep your RV warm and cozy.

  • NT Models – 12-volt DC furnaces by Suburban offered in capacities from 30,000 BTU/h – 40,000 BTU/h for use on the road in travelling RVs and motorhomes.
  • Park Models – Powerful P-40 design for use in permanent residences equipped with 120-volt, long-life, heavy-duty AC motors and controls offering a capacity of 40,000 BTU/s.

Extend the usability and comfortability of your recreational vehicle or recreational park trailer with a high-quality furnace for year-round environmental control. If it is time to replace an old or obsolete furnace, NT Series are easily installed with side or bottom duct options, and the cabinet size is the same on all NT and Park models for standardized sizing.

Benefits of NT and Park Model Furnaces

  • Applications for recreational vehicles on the road (NT models) or in permanent locations (Park models)
  • Maximum heating power in a ducted furnace
  • Quiet operation
  • Standardized size with 3 capacity options