Outdoor Heating

The Voyager Fire Pit by Suburban is the perfect alternative to traditional campfires. With safe, clean propane use the Voyager Fire Pit ensures no matter where you travel or what campfire restrictions are in place you can have a warm, glowing fire to sit by. With lightweight construction and a compact, foldable design, the Voyager Fire Pit stores away easily when not in use.

Smoke-free fire pits like the Voyager are perfect for creating outdoor spaces that warm you up and draw you in whether that be for use at home or with your home on wheels. Backyards or campgrounds, beach parties or tailgating with friends; let the Voyager Fire Pit add an element of heat and fun to your next outdoor gathering.

Benefits of Voyager Fire Pit

  • Clean, propane burn
  • Travel-friendly design
  • Smoke-free fires
  • Versatile applications for RVs, camping, and home use