Tankless Water Heaters

Hot water - whenever and wherever!

Enjoy endless hot water with the Suburban Advantage Tankless Water Heater. Say “good bye” to waiting for water to reheat in a conventional tank. Showers and baths are best enjoyed slowly, so LIVE FREE from the restraints of limited hot water supplies. Dishes and even the laundry can be done with an infinite supply of hot water whenever and wherever, simultaneously from every fixture.

With no storage tank to heat water, the Suburban Advantage Tankless Water Heater reduces weight and increases efficiency by only operating when the need for hot water arises.

The Suburban Advantage Tankless Water Heater uses an exclusive 60,000 BTU 2-Stage Modulating Combustion System (MCS) which instantaneously adjusts the LP gas input to provide consistent and endless comfort regardless of your hot water needs. Weighing just 36lbs with the vent assembly, the Suburban Advantage Tankless Water Heater comes standard with TWO freeze protection mechanisms and state-of-the-art, 3-Try Direct Spark Ignition for safe and reliable operation.

Suburban Advantage Tankless Water Heater - developed with INDUSTRY-BEST:

  • Microprocessor controlled self-modulating operation from 15,000-60,000 Btu/h
  • Precise temperature control from 95-130°F with on demand control center
  • Two built-in Freeze Protection features:
    • Powered (both gas and electric supply required)*
    • Non-powered mechanical valve**
  • Unmatched installation flexibility
  • Small vent cap only to maximize RV skin surface area
  • Optional access panels
  • 90° Vent kit to install the unit lengthwise

* Active (powered): unit recognizes incoming water temperature at 40° F, turns on and cycles to keep water above 40° F.
** Passive (non-powered): thermally sensitive freeze protection valve opens at 34° F, draining water from the system

The Suburban Advantage Tankless Water Heater is sized to replace any 6, 10, 12 or 16 Gallon Tank models or any 6 or 10 gallon competitive aluminum tank model.